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Are you tired of hurt and disappointment? These pages are filled with authentic hope for your heart that things can be better and practical advice to implement changes that will encourage your marriage. With chapters entitled Control Over Your Mind Matters, Making the Most of Time Together, The Sweetness of Being Friends and Lovers, Enduring Suffering with a Strong Foundation Makes You Better, not Bitter, and many more, this book reminds readers that the Lord has much to say to this special sisterhood.

By including a “prescription” at the end of each chapter, this book is an excellent personal devotional.  In addition, the questions for discussion make Prescription For the Doctor’s Wife a great small group resource. As one doctor’s wife shared, “Debby's perspective will touch not only the wives of interns, residents and physicians, but the relationship issues addressed in this book will strike a chord in all marriages. Prescription For the Doctor's Wife is filled with stories, scriptures and suggestions that can bring a smile, hope, and healing to women everywhere.”


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